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TWT Transmitters

    • Compact and rugged construction for use in difficult environments
    • Excellent phase noise performance for MTI radar
    • Excellent performance for all pulse wave forms
    • Remote control via simple interface
    • Built in test - BITE

Please contact CPI BMD to assist you with your transmitter needs.
Tel: +1 (978) 922-6000 or +1 (978) 922-6004

CPI Coupled Cavity TWT Transmitter Capability Table

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CPI CW TWT Amplifier Capability Table

Product Description Frequency (GHz) Peak Power (W) TWT Type
CW TWT J-Band Amplifier 10.0 - 20.0 400 TWT
CW TWT Multiband Amplifier 2.0 - 18.0 >250 EW TWT
CW TWT Multiband Amplifier 2.0 - 18.0 100 Booster
TWT Transmitters
Product Description Frequency Range Min (GHz) Frequency Range Max (GHz) Peak Output Power (W) Model Number
Multi Band (SW 3 Bands) TWT Amplifier VVM-347904 2.0 18.0 250
X-Band Coupled Cavity TWT Amplifier VZX3495 8.4 9.0 15,000
X-Band Coupled Cavity TWT Amplifier VZX3505 8.8 9.45 12,000
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