CPI is a major supplier of microwave and millimeter-wave components and subsystems which generate and control radio frequency (RF) power in radar systems and radar-based sensors. CPI's products may be found in military and commercial systems all over the world and in outer space.
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Missile Seekers:

Active radar seekers are the eyes of many modern “fire and forget” missiles. Once launched, active seekers give the weapon the ability to locate and identify its target independent of any external control. They put the “smart” into smart weapons. Many modern radar seekers - from anti-ship missiles (Harpoon) to air defense systems (Patriot) to missile defense systems (PAC3) - rely on CPI components to achieve the performance and reliability needed to perform their missions.

Airborne Systems:

Modern aircraft depend on a variety of internal radar systems to perform their missions. Commercial aircraft operate weather radars. Military fixed and rotary wing aircraft employ various radars for navigation, terrain following, ground mapping, air and ground surveillance and weapons control. CPI’s components and subsystems are used in virtually every major airborne system operated by the U.S. military, as well as many international systems.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs):

UAVs add a new dimension to airborne surveillance and combat activities. Carrying cameras, sensors, communications equipment and other payloads, they have been used for many years in reconnaissance and intelligence gathering activities. More recently, UAVs have begun to be employed in a combat role. UAVs may fly short-range tactical missions or long-range endurance missions where they can loiter for up to 24 hours, thousands of miles from base. CPI’s components may be found in many of these unique systems.

Ground-based Systems:

CPI is a major worldwide supplier of components for many ground-based radar systems. These include:
  • Commercial weather radars and air traffic control systems for air surveillance, air route surveillance, airport surface detection equipment and approach control and landing systems.
  • Military radars for air surveillance and tracking, air defense, ground surveillance, missile control and artillery locating systems.
  • Radar simulators and range tracking systems.
  • Satellite tracking systems.

Naval Radar:

Many of the world’s navies employ systems that depend on CPI components. CPI's products may be found in naval surveillance, navigation, fire control and shipboard defense systems all over the world. CPI is a supplier for the AN/SPY-1 (AEGIS), EMPAR, Phalanx, SMART-L, SPS-48 and MK-92, to name a few.