Crossed-Field Amplifiers (CFAs)

Product Bulletins

CPI BMD’s crossed-field amplifiers (CFAs) are broadband, phase-stable microwave amplifiers used in coherent radar chains to efficiently generate very high peak output powers from relatively low input voltages which can be either applied to the cathode or an electrode similar to a TWTs cathode or grid pulsing, and in relatively small, lightweight packages. These characteristics make CFAs particularly well-suited for applications in which the transmitter must be either airborne, transportable, mobile or portable.

CFAs are most often used as high-power stages in master oscillator power-amplifier systems in which either frequency or phase information must be processed. They can also be used as simple power boosters, increasing the output of systems using magnetron oscillators.

CPI BMD's range of CFA products cover 1 GHz to 17 GHz at peak powers from 60 kW to 1 MW. Technical information and theory of operation may be found in the Technical Library on this website.

Examples of some of CPI BMD’s many crossed-field amplifiers are described in data sheets which are accessible through the Product Bulletins (see link at top of page). Please contact CPI BMD for your specific requirements.
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