Electronic Warfare

CPI products amplify incoming signals from enemy radar or communications systems to enable the electronic warfare system to deceive or disable the threat, protecting ground installations, ships and aircraft against radar-guided weapons. CPI has installed thousands of products for high-power phased array systems and expendable decoys. New initiatives for high-power microwave applications, such as counter-IED and personnel deterrent systems using CPI's products, are currently in field trials.


Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) Systems:

CPI produces vacuum electron devices (VEDs) – specifically, helix traveling wave tubes (TWTs) – and high-power transmitter subsystems for the electronic warfare market. CPI is one of the world’s largest suppliers of VEDs for high-power, multi-beam ECM systems, and its experience in manufacturing mini helix TWTs is unmatched. To date, CPI has delivered more than 100,000 mini helix TWTs for use in ECM systems, and CPI’s ECM components are designed to deliver the highest mean time between failures (MTBF) in the world.

The electronic warfare market utilizes CPI’s VEDs for threat-protection systems for ships, aircraft and high-value land assets, guarding them against radar-guided munitions that utilize semi-active or active radar to hone in on their targets. Incorporating CPI’s electronic warfare products, these threat-protection systems can be deployed internally in an electronic warfare platform, included in a pod that is hung under the wing of an aircraft or used as a stand-alone decoy.


With the increasing sophistication of incoming threats, the demands placed on the TWTs used in active decoys continue to increase. Helix TWTs manufactured by CPI remain the standard by which all other suppliers are measured. From airborne repeater decoys to high-power off-board decoys protecting naval assets, CPI’s unmatched development and production capabilities ensure that you can rely on CPI as your source for cost-effective, highly reliable helix TWTs.

Non-lethal Weapons:

CPI's millimeter-wave gyrotrons are used by the military's Active Denial System, which is being developed as an Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration by the Department of Defense's Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate. Compared to other non-lethal weapons, this system can operate at a much longer range and poses an extremely small risk of injury, thereby addressing a growing need for effective tools to fill the gap between shouting and shooting. CPI gyrotrons are thus at the forefront of efforts to deliver new capabilities to U.S. forces in support of increasingly complex missions.