CPI produces a number of radio frequency (RF) and microwave devices for a wide range of industrial applications, from plastic auto sleeves and automobile axles to plywood and semiconductor manufacturing. CPI products are also used for EMI/EMC Testing, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Plasma Processing, Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection, and chemical manufacturing.

PVD Plasma Processing:

Thousands of CPI power supplies power the PVD tools of many major semiconductor and flat-panel manufacturers worldwide. CPI also offers complementary components for PVD power supplies, including active arc suppression devices, arc counters and kilowatt-hour meters.

EMI/EMC Testing:

As the list of products containing electronics increases exponentially, so, too, does the need for testing the integrity of those products. CPI high-power amplifiers (HPAs) and vacuum electron devices (VEDs) provide the means by which electronics suppliers can test the ability of their products to withstand RF and microwaves.

Industrial Heating:

An emerging market for RF devices, industrial heating concerns any manufacturing process where a product being manufactured must undergo curing through a heating process. Typical end product categories are consumer products or electronics. CPI Autowave microwave furnaces, microwave and millimeter wave power generators and high-power amplifiers all are used for these industrial heating processes.

Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection:

Industrial markets have expanded to incorporate techniques ranging from high-speed imaging studies to the inspection of high-tolerance and additive manufactured components. To support these non-destructive testing and inspection applications, CPI designs and develops specialized generator products for X-ray imaging applications that deliver high duty cycle and high-voltage output capabilities.