High Power Transmitter Product Brochure:

High Power Transmitters
Power Supplies

Beverly Microwave Division (CPI BMD) transmitter products are used in various ground-based, shipboard and airborne applications. We manufacture microwave transmitters for all applications:
  • Military and commercial radars
  • Electronic warfare systems
  • Radar subsystems
  • Radar retrofit / upgrade programs
  • Scientific and industrial accelerator applications
CPI BMD can provide the most appropriate transmitter solution for your requirements:
  • CPI BMD transmitters range in frequency from 1 GHz to 95 GHz, and in RF power from 100 watts to 2 MWs.
  • CPI BMD manufactures gallium nitride (GaN) solid state power amplifiers, magnetron transmitters, helix and coupled-cavity TWT transmitters as well as klystron, IOT, and gyrotron transmitters.
  • We offer the unique ability to evaluate and offer state-of-the-art transmitter technology power vacuum electron devices as well as high power GaN SSPAs.
  • CPI BMD has the technical expertise, experience and manufacturing know-how to satisfy the most demanding requirements
  • Supported by CPI's worldwide sales and service organization, CPI BMD is uniquely qualified to provide radar manufacturers and users with products designed to satisfy each need and application, from subassemblies to complete systems.
Our goal is to ensure your success. The links provided detail information on typical transmitter products.
Please contact CPI BMD to assist you with your unique transmitting needs:

Tel: +1 (978) 922-6000 or +1 (978) 922-6004