Microwave Switches

Product Bulletins

CPI’s Beverly Microwave Division (CPI BMD) offers a line of high-power diode switches that may be used for many different applications. Some general features of CPI BMD's product line are:
  • Switches in waveguide, coax, stripline and microstrip
  • Designs are available from 20 MHz to 35 GHz
  • Power handling capability as high as 10s of Kilowatts peak
  • Integral driver, with BITE, can be supplied with any switch
The two basic switch configurations are single-pole, single-throw (SPST) and single-pole, double throw (SPDT). From these, many different switch assemblies with multiple inputs and outputs can be developed to perform a variety of tasks in a radar, ECM or communications system applications.

The Product Bulletin Index includes information sheets on typical products. However, please note that this is a representative sample only, to show capability. This is by no means a complete presentation of the many products that CPI BMD has designed. Each switch is uniquely designed for a particular application. Please contact CPI BMD directly for your specific requirements. The Switch Specification Sheet may be useful to help you generate a list of desired specifications for your application.
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