Microwave Power Products Division

CPI Microwave Power Products Division develops and manufactures a broad array of state-of-the-art microwave vacuum electron devices spanning the power/frequency spectrum. CPI MPP products are essential to defense and commercial applications and power in countless radar, ECM, medical, industrial, communications and scientific applications.

Product Support

MPP Product Support Service and Documents

For Operating Instructions, Hazard Sheets, Return Product Forms, Warranty Information and Radar Support Services Click here

New Labels for Helix TWTs

See what CPI MPP’s new helix product labels look like here. New labels provide clear information on just one label for improved production and implementation.

Trade Shows

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CERN Inaugurates Linac4

CPI congratulates CERN on the inauguration of its newest linear accelerator, Linac4, which uses products from CPI MPP. Learn more about CPI MPP's linear accelerator products here.