Microwave Power Products Division


    • Frequencies from 200 MHz to 600 GHz
    • Peak power up to 150 MW
    • Average (or CW) power up to 1 MW
    • High reliability & efficiency
    • Proven long life designs
    • Customizable models for your application
    • Communications: Broadcast, Satellite, Deep space
    • EW: Airborne, Shipboard
    • Industrial: Heating, Irradiation, Materials processing
    • Medical: Radiation therapy, X-Ray
    • Radar: Military, Weather, Air traffic control, Deep space tracking
    • Scientific: Accelerators for nuclear & particle physics; High Energy Physics
    experiments; Magnetic Fusion Energy research
Please contact CPI MPP to assist you with your unique klystron needs.
Tel: +1 650-846-2800