Microwave Power Products Division

RF Decks

Standalone TWT RF amplifier decks (i.e., without a power supply) can be provided by CPI MPP. The RF chain is completely configured to your requirements.
Each CPI MPP RF deck or high-power amplifier is subjected to environmental stress screening (ESS) then functional tested.
CPI MPP maintains its own temperature/altitude chamber and two-axis vibration table.

Frequency Coverage:

  • 2.0 to 8.0 GHz for output power up to 500 watts
  • 6.5 to 18.0 GHz for output power up to 400 watts


  • Power combining two to four TWTs for higher power output
  • Customized to your requirements
  • Power output levels in excess of 500 watts typical
  • Rapid switching between two to four RF output ports (option)
  • CW, pulsed or dual-mode operation
  • Cooling options: air-cooled or liquid-cooled
  • 115V 3 phase 400 Hz input power
  • Fully qualified to MIL-E-5400 environment