CPI products are used to generate high levels of microwave or radio frequency energy for equipment and accelerators used in the study of high-energy particle physics.

High-energy Particle Physics:

CPI is a leading provider of high-power, high-frequency microwave, millimeter wave and power grid devices - as well as components such as microwave windows, window couplers and filters - for high-energy particle physics, which explores the structure of matter. CPI has the technology and production experience necessary to produce very high-power, high-frequency products that are customized for the scientific community's specialized needs.

Particle Accelerators:

CPI’s high-power klystron products are used to generate microwave energy for a multitude of particle accelerators that are used in scientific research and, at an increasing rate, industrial applications. CPI’s klystrons are used in traditional electron accelerators and in state-of-the-art facilities, such as lepton-proton colliders and synchrotron light sources. CPI is a major technology contributor to a number of particle accelerator programs throughout the world. Recently, CPI’s inductive output tubes (IOTs) have also been used in accelerators, and CPI’s gyrotrons have been used as a high-energy, advanced ion source for various accelerators.

Magnetic Fusion Reactors:

CPI's high-power, high-frequency gyrotron products provide the energy required to heat plasmas to the temperatures necessary to produce controlled and sustainable fusion reactions. By delivering the millimeter-wave power required for electron cyclotron heating and current drive in fusion experiments around the world, CPI's megawatt-class gyrotrons serve as a key enabling technology for magnetic fusion, which holds the promise of a new and inexhaustible source of energy for the planet.

Scientific Radars:

CPI's high-power, high-frequency gyrotron products are used in millimeter wave scientific radars. These radars are used to located and identify space debris and for weather imaging projects.