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Install USB drivers on PC to run formerly Codan 7550 and 7552 Series Mini-BUCs

for Mini-BUC

Reposted with the permission of B&B Electonics Manufacturing Company.

Reposted with permission of Apollo Microwave, a description of phase combined HPA systems.

Printed in Base Station/Earth Station, March/April 2003. An overview of Ethernet Interface.

MCL's new address is:
1938 University Lane, Unit C
Lisle, IL 60532 USA

The phone number remains +1 (630) 759-9500

CPI’s SuperLinear® Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs) are designed for optimal operation at backoff power levels that are required in order to meet traditional international intermodulation specifications. This has resulted in a line of HPAs that is smaller, lighter and runs cooler than competing products.

Enables the user to cross reference between similar MCL and CPI amplifiers.

Extended Interaction Klystrons (EIKs)

Klystron HPAs


Line Drive Amplifiers