CPI provides microwave amplifiers for video, voice and data transmission via satellite, terrestrial broadcast and over-the-horizon communications applications. Historically, CPI has built its technology and market leadership in commercial applications, such as direct-to-home and high-definition television services, and it is leveraging these strengths to expand its focus to include military communications applications.


Satellite Communications:

CPI is a leading producer of power amplifiers, amplifier subsystems and high-power microwave devices for satellite uplink ground terminals, and sells the majority of its communications products into the satellite communications (satcom) market. CPI offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive lines of satcom amplifiers, with offerings for virtually every frequency and power requirement for both fixed and mobile satellite communications applications in the military and commercial arenas. The company provides TWTAs, KPAs, SSPAs, High Power BUCs and LNAs/LNBs. CPI also provides solid state platforms, modules and bricks, as well as a wide selection of TWTs and klystrons for satellite communications applications. CPI satcom products, including high power BUCs and LNAs/LNBs formerly manufactured by Codan and Locus Microwave, are sold primarily into direct-to-home (DTH), military satellite communications, broadcasting, voice/data, maritime and offshore energy applications.

High Power BUCs
Solid State Platforms, Modules and Bricks
Traveling Wave Tubes

Terrestrial Broadcast Communications:

CPI serves the AM, FM and shortwave radio and VHF and UHF television broadcast market with high-quality, reliable and efficient high-power microwave and radio frequency devices. Through the years, CPI has established a customer base of several thousand customers in the broadcast market for new and rebuilt high-power power grid devices for terrestrial broadcast communications.

Over-the-horizon Communications:

The over-the-horizon communications market involves over-the-horizon, microwave-based communication systems, for which CPI provides amplifiers, klystrons and TWTs. These systems transmit voice, video and data signals for several hundred miles by bouncing the signals off the troposphere, the lowest atmospheric layer, approximately six miles above the earth’s surface. Since no satellite is required, these systems can provide an easy-to-install, relocatable and cost-efficient alternative to satellite-based communications. Military satellite communications is the largest user of this application.