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Radar / Electronic Warfare Amplifier Products

BMD transmitters
TMD transmitters

Satcom Uplink Amplifier Products

Power Electronics satcom uplink amplifiers

Satcom Uplink Amplifier Service

Power Electronics satcom service centers



Antenna Technologies Service

Antenna Technologies customer care

Satcom, Radar, Scientific and Other Antennas and Antenna Technologies Products

Antenna Technologies satcom and antenna products


Instrumentation Products

Instrumentation High Power Amplifier Products

Power Electronics instrumentation Products
TMD instrumentation Products


Medical Imaging


Microwave Power Sources / Vacuum Electron Devices (VEDs)

Coupled Cavity Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) Products

MPP coupled cavity TWTs
TMD coupled cavity TWTs

Extended Interaction Klystron (EIK) Products

Power Electronics EIKs

Helix TWT Products

MPP helix TWTs

Magnetrons, Crossed-field Amplifiers (CFAs) and Ring-loop TWT Products

BMD magnetrons, CFAs and ring-loop TWTs
Econco magnetrons
TMD magnetrons and ring-loop TWTs

Transmitter Products

BMD transmitters
TMD transmitters


Radar Support

Radar Support Services

BMD and MPP Radar Support Services


Radomes, Reflectors and Structural Composites

Radomes, Reflectors and Structure Composite Products

Composite Structures radomes, reflectors and structure composites