Corporate Sales

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Application: Amplifiers

Instrumentation Amplifier Products

SMP instrumentation amplifiers

Radar / Electronic Warfare Amplifier Products

BMD transmitters

Satcom Uplink Amplifier Products

SMP satcom uplink amplifiers

Satcom Uplink Amplifier Service

SMP satcom service centers

Application: Antennas

Antenna Technologies Service

SAT customer care

Satcom, Radar, Scientific and Other Antennas and Antenna Technologies Products

SAT satcom and antenna products

Application: Instrumentation Products

Instrumentation High Power Amplifier Products

SMP Instrumentation Contacts

Application: Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging Products

SMP medical imaging products

Medical Imaging Service

SMP medical imaging support

Application: Microwave Power Sources / Vacuum Electron Devices (VEDs)

Coupled Cavity Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) Products

MPP coupled cavity TWTs

Extended Interaction Klystron (EIK) Products


Helix TWT Products

MPP helix TWTs

Klystrons / Gyrotrons / IOT Products

MPP klystrons, gyrotrons and IOTs

Magnetrons, Crossed-field Amplifiers (CFAs) and Ring-loop TWT Products

BMD magnetrons, CFAs and ring-loop TWTs

Magnetrons, Crossed-field Amplifiers (CFAs) and Ring-loop TWT Products

Econco magnetrons

Power Grid Products

Eimac power grid products

Power Grid Products

Econco power grid products

Transmitter Products

BMD transmitters

Application: Radar Support

Radar Support Services

BMD and MPP Radar Support Services

Application: Radomes, Reflectors and Structural Composites

Radomes, Reflectors and Structure Composite Products

Radant radomes, reflectors and structure composites