CPI Antenna & Power Technologies

CPI Antenna & Power Technologies

CPI’s Antenna & Power Technologies (APT) focuses on antenna systems, radomes and composite structures used in the transmission and reception of microwave signals for radar, communications and scientific applications, as well as on subsystems used in the generation, amplification, transmission and reception of electromagnetic radiation, including microwave signals for communications and X-ray radiation for medical imaging applications. CPI APT includes the operations of:

CPI Antenna Technologies

CPI Antenna Technologies was formed in June 2020 by the integration of CPI’s three antenna technologies businesses, namely, the former GD SATCOM Technologies business, the former CPI Malibu operations and the former Orbital Systems operations. The combined heritage of these businesses spans more than 50 years, making CPI Antenna Technologies a world-leading end-to-end provider of ground-based satellite communications products; auto-tracking data link antennas for land, sea and air; high precision scientific and satellite terminals; and services.
CPI Antenna Technologies comprises manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe and India, as well as a Customer Care team that is always available to assist customers.
CPI Antenna Technologies has extensive expertise in design, integration, installation and commissioning of full turn-key ground system solutions with a history in manufacturing some of the world's most advanced antenna systems and structures for the defense, scientific and communications markets. CPI Antenna Technologies also has a deep product portfolio that includes earth station, VSAT, common data link, telemetry, mobile and flyaway antennas, as well as antenna controllers, monitor and control systems, antenna feeds, transit cases and more.

CPI Composite Structures

CPI Composite Structures was formed by the integration of CPI’s three radome and composite technologies businesses, namely the CPI Radant Technologies business and the former L3 ESSCO, Inc. (ESSCO) and AdamWorks, LLC businesses that were acquired in 2021 and 2022. Headquartered in Stow, Massachusetts, with operations in Hudson, Massachusetts, Kilgore, Texas and Centennial, Colorado, CPI Composite Structures serves the aerospace, defense and commercial communications industries with a complete array of facilities to support design, manufacturing and testing of radomes, antennas, pods, fairings and composite structures.
CPI Composite Structures specializes in the design, manufacture and testing of radomes, including airborne, naval and metal space frame ground radomes. CPI Composite structures also offers Radant lens electronically steerable antenna, reflectors and structural composite products for use in high-performance airborne, ground-based, shipboard and submarine installations, and can support full-scale development as well as production programs. The airborne business includes business and commercial aviation, manned and unmanned systems, and space and defense applications, as well as offerings to support in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) applications.

CPI Power Electronics: Amplifier Products

Headquartered in Georgetown, Canada since 1954 and with a global network of service, sales and support centers optimally located to serve its customers, CPI Power Electronics, Amplifier Products is a worldwide leader in uplink amplifier products and systems for satellite communications, as well as in uplink klystrons and advanced millimeter wave klystron technology, with frequency ranges up to 700 GHz.
CPI Power Electronics: Amplifier Products designs and manufactures products for satellite uplink and troposcatter applications in all standard frequencies from S-band to V-band. CPI Power Electronics offers innovative, efficient and reliable vacuum-based and solid-state technology for a wide variety of commercial and military communications applications worldwide.

CPI Power Electronics: Generator Products

Headquartered in Georgetown, Canada since 1954 and with a global network of service, sales and support centers optimally located to serve its customers, CPI Power Electronics: Generator Products is a global leader in high-frequency X-ray generators and integrated system controls for medical diagnostic and industrial imaging applications.
CPI Power Electronics: Generator Products designs and manufactures a broad range of high-performance, reliable and novel high-voltage power supply and generator technologies, suitable for radiographic, fluoroscopic, therapeutic and industrial imaging applications in power levels from 32 kW to 100 kW.