Welcome to CPI Satcom & Antenna Technologies Division

The former GD SATCOM Technologies business, and the CPI Malibu and Orbital Systems business entities have been integrated to create CPI Satcom & Antenna Technologies Division (CPI SAT), the world’s leading end-to-end provider of ground-based satellite communications products; auto-tracking data link antennas for land, sea and air; high precision scientific and satellite terminals; and services.

Leading Innovation
CPI SAT has a heritage of more than 50 years of designing and manufacturing some of the world's most advanced systems and structures for the defense, scientific community and commercial industry. Whether it is a small satellite antenna streaming television to your home or a large radio telescope high in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile aiding scientists with deep space exploration, CPI SAT connects customers around the world.

24/7/365 Customer Care Services
CPI SAT provides superior customer satisfaction in all areas of its operations. The Customer Care team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to assist you with finding the right answers to your questions about CPI SAT's products and services.