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Supplier Selection and Approval

In recent years, CPI MPP has striven to narrow its supply base down to a select number of suppliers. The majority of these suppliers have continuously proven their ability to provide quality material and meet our delivery schedules.

If the CPI MPP Buyer/Planner determines that new suppliers who are not currently part of CPI MPP’s supply base are needed, several steps may occur prior to conducting business. These steps typically include written requests for quotation, sample qualification, competitive analysis, questionnaires or other criteria. As selections are made and potential business is determined, the responsible Buyer/Planner and members of his/her commodity team may conduct a formal Supplier Evaluation. Details of this evaluation and any additional quality system requirements will be covered in discussions between the Buyer/Planner and potential supplier.

Request for Quotations

The request for quotation (RFQ) may range from a telephone inquiry for standard pricing and delivery for material previously purchased from a supplier, to formal written specifications and contractual documents. A formal RFQ will be on a standard CPI MPP form with specific references to the requirements, which typically include drawing specifications, Standard Terms and Conditions and references to any required Government requirements that become part of CPI MPP’s purchase order. Each RFQ should be thoroughly reviewed and the response should agree with all requirements. If any exception to the requirements is necessary, it should be clearly noted on the quotation.

Warranty Provisions

Warranty provisions are included on the purchase order under Section Five of the Standard Terms and Conditions.

Material Delivery Requirements

The delivery due date on the purchase order is the date the material is expected on CPI MPP’s dock. CPI MPP delivery requirements are three days early, zero days late.

Contractual Documents

Upon receipt of a purchase order, the supplier is responsible for reviewing all terms and requirements. Any exception and/or disagreements must be forwarded to the responsible Buyer/Planner for corrections or changes.

When Kanbans are used to make releases, terms and requirements should be set up in advance before the Purchase Agreement is established.

Acceptance of the purchase order by the supplier is in accordance with the General Provisions of our Terms and Conditions. Suppliers are required to sign and return the acknowledgement copy of the purchase order.

It is CPI MPP’s policy to issue formal purchase orders for material required supporting any U.S. Government contract.

Authority to Purchase

Only a CPI MPP Buyer/Planner may enter into any contractual commitments. Contact by CPI MPP Engineering, Quality or Manufacturing personnel should never be construed or accepted as authorization to enter, change or cancel any contractual commitment.

All verbal and written communications that may impact current or future terms and conditions of purchase orders must be channeled through the Buyer/Planner. The Buyer/Planner is responsible for the contract and coordination of communications concerning the following examples: drawing changes that may alter price, delivery and/or performance; changes in shipping method; or requested waivers to specifications. The Buyer/Planner is the only authorized personnel to issue or change a purchase order; this communication will be in writing.

Occasionally, a purely technical question may be best handled directly with CPI MPP Engineering. These questions usually involve a clarification of a specification or testing method, and the information exchanged does not alter the written specification or affect price and delivery. In order to eliminate potential misunderstandings, suppliers should follow all such direct communications with a written memo to the appropriate Buyer/Planner.

Over Shipments

CPI MPP reserves the right to return material in excess of purchase requirements at the supplier’s expense, unless otherwise negotiated and included in the terms and conditions of the purchase order.

Shipping Terms and Transportation

Shipment must be made in accordance with the routing instructions listed on the purchase order. Deviations to these routings are allowed only if prior arrangements have been made with the Buyer/Planner. CPI MPP has the right to recover any additional charges resulting from a non-compliance with approved routing instructions.

Receiving Department

Shipment to CPI MPP must be made to the designated recipient as directed in the purchase order’s shipping and packaging instructions.

Shipment will be directed in the purchase order. Each shipment must be accompanied by a packing slip that includes the CPI MPP purchase order number, item number, part number, quantity shipped and description. Kanban orders should include a copy of the kanban release form. Both types of documentation (packing slip or kanban) should be affixed to the outside of the package to ensure easy access by receiving personnel. It is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure that any other documentation required by the purchase order or drawing accompanies each shipment and is identified in such a manner as to prevent identification problems and payment delays.

Each order and line item on an order should be packaged separately and identified properly to facilitate efficient processing through receiving. Any receivable data should be listed on the packing slip. The provisions of requested data will expedite the receipt of the material as well as the processing of the invoice.

Normal Receiving Department hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

Supplier Performance Measurements

CPI evaluates the performance of CPI MPP suppliers periodically. Several measurements of supplier performance are:

  • Early and late deliveries of our contracted dates
  • Supplier Quality Rating
  • Cost/price (unit price trends)
  • Service (responsiveness/support)
  • Other related information from Manufacturing, Product Assurance and Engineering

Sales Tax Exemption

It is hereby certified that the property purchased by Communications & Power Industries LLC's Microwave Power Products Division is exempt from sales and use tax, unless otherwise noted on our purchase order, for the reason that such property is purchased for resale or will become an ingredient or component part of, be incorporated into, used or consumed in a manufactured product produced for ultimate sale. If the property is purchased tax exempt and subsequent use makes this property taxable, CPI will self-assess, accrue and pay tax to the appropriate sale.

If applicable the Sales Tax Number is shown on the confirming purchase order.