Ring-Loop TWTs

Product Bulletins

CPI's Beverly Microwave Division (CPI BMD) is a designer and manufacturer of pulsed ring-loop traveling wave tubes operating in the L-, S-, C- and X-Band frequency ranges. Typical peak power levels offered range from 1 kW to 15 kW, with duty cycle capability up to 6 percent.

Small and lightweight products for pulsed radar and most advanced designs for commercial, electronic warfare and radar systems are included in this CPI BMD product line.

The unique ring-loop slow-wave structure used in these CPI BMD traveling wave tubes provides high gain at kilowatt peak RF power levels without oscillation and achieve greater than 30% efficiency.

All of CPI’s high-power pulsed traveling wave tubes are metal-ceramic structures that provide exceptional reliability under the most adverse conditions encountered in aircraft, shipboard and missile environments.

Useful technical information may be found in the Technical Library on this website.

Examples of some of CPI BMD’s many ring-loop TWTs are described in data sheets which are accessible through the Product Bulletins (see link at top of page). Please contact CPI BMD for your specific requirements.
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