CPI's Beverly Microwave Division (CPI BMD) is a major designer and manufacturer of pulsed magnetrons for medical, military, commercial, industrial and university users worldwide. CPI BMD offers magnetron products ranging from 915 Mhz up to 35 GHz in frequency and at power levels from 100 watts to 35 MW. Frequency tuning schemes are available from fixed frequency to mechanically tuned to sophisticated frequency agility mechanisms.

Long life and resultant low cost of ownership have been the cornerstone of CPI BMD’s design and manufacturing philosophy for almost 50 years. Solutions to customer’s diverse requirements are supported by the widest range of standard magnetrons available. We also understand evolving requirements may require custom magnetron designs. CPI has the engineering and manufacturing expertise required to support most any magnetron application.


Linear Accelerator
C-Band, S-Band, and X-Band magnetrons for use in security screening and medical linear accelerator applications.

Air Traffic Control
S-Band, X-Band, Ku and Ka-Band magnetrons for use in ground based and shipboard air traffic control radar

Weather Radar
S-Band, C-Band and X-Band magnetrons for use in pulse Doppler adverse weather detection radar

Frequency Agile
C-Band, X-Band, Ku and Ka-Band frequency agile magnetrons for use in electronic warfare, airborne fire control and missile seeker radar.

Beacon Transponder
C-Band, X-Band, and Ku-Band beacon magnetrons for use in transponder, UAV, ACLS and ground based portable radar applications.

Threat Simulator
S-Band, C-Band, X-Band and Ku-Band magnetrons for use in threat simulators and other testing and training applications.

Miscellaneous Purpose
L-Band, S-Band, C-Band, X-Band, Ku and Ka-Band magnetrons for use in EMC/EMV testing, CIED, industrial and scientific applications

Information on magnetron theory of operation, application and use may be found in the Technical Library on this website.

Examples of some of CPI BMD’s many magnetrons are described in data sheets which are accessible through the Product Bulletins (see link at top of page). Please contact CPI BMD for your specific requirements.
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