Beverly Microwave Division

Support Services

CPI Beverly is your go-to source for upgrading your radar system and or legacy component replacement.
Are you seeking these upgrades to your current radar system?
  • Higher power, higher duty
  • Lower leakage
  • Faster recovery time
  • Integral multi-function capability - improved performance
  • Longer operating and storage life
CPI Beverly offers cost savings solutions as well as improved performance.
  • CPI Beverly is the world’s largest manufacturer of receiver protectors and can advise you on the greatest ROI on your next RP
  • CPI Beverly offers a high level of vertical integration
  • CPI Beverly has high-power test capability and an in-house environmental test facility
  • CPI Beverly computer modeling and automatic test capabilities
Look to the CPI Radar Support Group for guidance on repairs and upgrades or submit an RMA for the experts at CPI to review your component.