Pressure Windows

CPI's Beverly Microwave Division (CPI BMD) offers the circuit designer a wide variety of vacuum and pressure-tight waveguide seals for any microwave system. CPI BMD’s windows will provide a pressure-tight seal with virtually no interference to the transmission of the microwave signal.

These products are specifically designed to prevent moisture, dirt and dust from entering the system. CPI BMD's pressure windows are ideally suited to seal antenna systems, resonant cavities, gas discharge and power tubes and ferrite components.

The designer may choose from a variety of teflon-fiberglass, glass/kovar, quartz and ceramic windows from CPI BMD's standard product line. Windows can be manufactured in any flange configuration. Special window/seal requirements which the design engineer may have should be directed to CPI BMD's applications engineer. CPI BMD welcomes such inquiries.

CPI BMD specializes in high-power applications. Its extensive high-power test capability is available to verify the performance of its window designs.

Please follow the links above to access data tables and/or data sheets which describe some of the window products CPI BMD manufactures. Please contact CPI BMD with your specific requirements.

Glass/kovar windows are made by hermetically sealing glass to a kovar frame, which is then soldered into a flange. Assemble with the glassed side facing the high-pressure side of the waveguide.

Teflon fiberglass windows provide good, non-hermetic pressure and dust seals at high power levels.

Fused quartz windows take advantage of quartz’s high melting point to provide products which are designed to operate at very high average power levels. Fused quartz windows provide a hermetic seal.

Ceramic windows are capable of handling extremely high amounts of peak and average power. They may be liquid cooled to extend their power handling capabilities.

Solderable pressure window inserts are designed for installation into flanges or bulkheads. Specific installation instructions should be followed in order to ensure a reliable seal.

In addition to the standard configurations described above, CPI BMD also has the ability to design any type of custom window configuration that may be required. Some examples are: multiple windows in oversized flanges; windows with fins for forced air cooling or liquid cooling jackets; windows in double-ridge waveguide; windows mounted on extended waveguide lengths or waveguide with pressure fittings and windows mounted in special flanges.

Examples of some of CPI BMD’s many pressure windows are described in data sheets which are accessible through the Product Bulletins (see links at top of page). Please contact CPI BMD for your specific requirements.
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