Pressure Windows

CPI Beverly manufactures and tests a wide variety of vacuum and pressure windows. Our microwave pressure windows are used in wide variety of applications including space / satellite, lab testing, and radar. We are able to manufacture pressure windows for high volume applications or design fully custom one off windows to meet your project’s needs.
We feature these pressure window materials:

•   Tef-glass - Great VSWR performance over full bandwidth. ideally used in low power and low pressure applications
•   Glass - Hermetic glass to metal sealed windows great for low loss, vacuum and medium power applications
•   Quartz - Great for high power (5+ KW of CW power) and high pressure or vacuum applications.
Very low insertion loss windows and good VSWR performance over a wide variety of frequency ranges.
•   Ceramic - Very high power handling capabilities (10+ KW of CW power). Can be liquid cooled or have cooling fins added to window to aid in prolonged high power operation.

Though most of our windows are made with Glass, Quartz, Ceramic, or Tef-glass, ask us about custom pressure window materials.

Here at CPI we can manufacture windows in waveguide sizes of WR10 to WR1000 including half height configurations.

A partial catalog of currently manufactured pressure windows are listed in the links above. Download and complete the Pressure Window request form and let us manufacture the right pressure window for you.