Power Couplers

Power couplers are critically important components in all superconducting accelerators. Power couplers provide the vacuum and thermal interface between the evacuated superconducting cavity, which is typically kept at 4 K, and the room temperature waveguide components. Power couplers transmit microwaves generated by the high-power microwave source, typically a klystron. Power couplers must be extraordinarily clean and reliable to ensure that they meet the stringent requirements of superconducting accelerators.

CPI BMD's power couplers are manufactured to its customer’s specifications using processes which are standard to the electron device industry, as well as processes which are specific to power couplers. CPI BMD has developed the capability of plating high RRR copper on stainless steel. Plating is done in-house under carefully controlled conditions. CPI BMD's high RRR copper plating has been qualified by Cornell and DESY. CPI BMD has developed the capability of applying TiN coatings to ceramic windows. TiN coating is done in-house under carefully controlled conditions. CPI BMD's TiN coating process has been qualified at DESY.

CPI BMD has extensive experience working with the world’s best accelerator scientists and engineers to fabricate power couplers for superconducting accelerators. CPI BMD has found that having its engineers involved in the design process early-on helps to ensure that the power couplers are manufacturable.

Papers describing CPI BMD’s capabilities relevant to power couplers can be found in the Technical Library on this website.

The Product Bulletin Index, below, includes information sheets on current products. However, please note that this is a representative sample only, to show capability. Each power coupler is uniquely designed for a particular application.

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Power Couplers
Model Number Accelerator Applications Frequency Range (MHz) Peak Output Power (kW) Average Power (kW) Cooling
Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) 805 1000.0 60.0 water
Rare Isotope Accelerator prototype (RIA) 805 1000.0 10.0 water
Free Electron Laser Injector 748 350.0 350.0 water, helium
Cornell ERL Injector Cavity 1300 75.0 75.0 water / air
ILC Test Area (Fermi, DLAC, and Triumf) 1300 1110.0 7.2 air
Brookhaven FEL injector 704 500.0 500.0 Water
Fermi Lab Third Harmonic Accelerating Cavity 3900 45.0 12.5 air
IFMIF Prototype (CEA Saclay) 175 200.0 200.0 water / He gas
NSLSII Upgrade (AES, BNL) 500 500.0 500.0 water
Terahertz Free Electron Laser 1300 55.0 55.0 Water / Air
Superconducting linear accelerator (XFEL) 1300 1110.0 7.2 air
Superconducting linear accelerator (LCLS-II) 1300 7.0 7.0 air
Spallation Neutron Source 805 1000.0 60.0 Water / conductive
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