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CPI'S 1.3 GHz, 90 kW Pulsed IOT Amplifier
CPI'S 1.3 GHz, 25 kW CW IOT Amplifier

CPI's Beverly Microwave Division (CPI BMD) manufactures systems for scientific applications. CPI BMD's transmitter products are used at particle accelerator labs and for ion cyclotron heating and ion sources. CPI BMD's transmitters are used for drying and sintering ceramics, firing refractories, and curing composites. Some CPI high power klystron sources are used in chemical processing plants.

CPI BMD has been in high-power tube and equipment manufacturing for over 50 years. As one of the largest Gyrotron, IOT and klystron tube manufacturers in the world, CPI BMD has a unique perspective on proper application of high power microwave generators. CPI BMD has a broad range of capabilities in many diverse technical fields including application modeling, process development, system manufacturing and system integration. CPI BMD supports its equipment with CPI-trained technicians from its factory and through its worldwide partner network.

The Product Bulletin Index, below, includes information sheets on current products. However, please note that this is a representative sample only, to show capability. Each industrial heating product is uniquely designed for a particular application. Please contact CPI BMD directly for your specific requirements.

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Product Bulletins - Scientific Products
Model Number Description
HeatwaveTM 28 GHz, 100 W to 10 kW Gyrotron Generator
90 KW Pulsed IOT Generator at 1.3 GHz
30 KW CW IOT Generator at 1.3 GHz
All product data sheets are in PDF format. To read and print PDF files, download Adobe Acrobat Reader