Klystron HPAs

CPI's GEN IV klystron power amplifier (KPA) is the overwhelming choice among Direct-to-Home service providers for uplink service, and is also very popular for other broadcasting applications. As the first KPA to utilize multi-stage depressed collector (MSDC) technology, the GEN IV offers by far the best combination of high power, high efficiency, small size, low heat dissipation and low acoustic noise in its class.

CPI also offers a series of compact KPAs with the same feature sets as the GEN IV, but utilizing traditional klystron technology. The Ka-Band EIK amplifier provides up to 800 watts of Ka-band power. All amplifiers are available as single units or in redundant or combined systems.

Model Number Type Frequency Range (GHz) Output Power
CKPA All C-Band Up to 3.35 kW
CKPA All DBS-Band Up to 2.4 kW
CKPA All S-Band Up to 2.5 kW
CKPA All Ku-Band Up to 2.45 kW
CKPA 7.9 - 8.4 up to 3.0 kW
GEN IV All C-Band Up to 3.35 kW
GEN IV All DBS-Band Up to 2.4 kW
GEN IV All S-Band Up to 3.0 kW
GEN IV All Ku-Band Up to 2.45 kW
GEN IV 7.9 - 8.4 Up to 3.0 kW
EIK 27.5 - 31.0 300-750 watts
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