CPI Communications & Medical Products Division

CPI's Communications & Medical Products Division (CMP) is a global leader in satcom uplink solid state amplifiers, klystrons, advanced millimeter wave klystron technology, high-frequency medical X-ray generators, RF digital imaging systems and compact power supplies for physical vapor deposition applications. From its 200,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada, CPI CMP exports its world-class products to all major countries around the globe. Service, sales and support centers are strategically located to better service CPI CMP's growing customer base around the world.

CPI CMP services all of its products from its headquarters facility in Georgetown, Ontario and, additionally, from service centers in Beijing, China; Harderwijk, Holland; and Torino, Italy for medical products.

  • CPI CMP's solid state amplifiers are used in S, C, X, Ku and Ka-band mobile and fixed satcom uplink applications with power levels up to 200 watts.

  • CPI CMP's advanced millimeter wave klystrons covering the 30-700 GHz range have made the transition into shorter wavelengths a viable option for radar and communications systems.

  • CPI CMP's satcom klystrons support the global need for all high-power uplink satellite communications amplifiers (KPAs) and for many troposcatter communication terminals.

  • CPI CMP's DC sputtering power supplies ranging from 6 kW to 300 kW provide high-quality plasma drive in semiconductor FAB physical vapor deposition systems.

  • CPI CMP's comprehensive line of high-frequency X-ray power supplies and generators, available in both radiographic and R/F models and in power levels from 32 kW to 100 kW, are the industry‚Äôs leading technology for medical X-ray diagnostic applications.