General Documents

Application Note: DDC Technology

Application Note: fmly Codan Satcom 7550 and 7552 Series Install USB
Install USB drivers on PC to run formerly Codan 7550 and 7552 Series Mini-BUCs

Application Note: fmly Codan Satcom 7550 and 7552 Series Serial Commands
for Mini-BUC

Application Note: How to Cool High Power Amplifiers

Application Note: Overview of RS-422 and RS-485 Systems
Reposted with the permission of B&B Electonics Manufacturing Company.

Application Note: Phase Combined Systems
Reposted with permission of Apollo Microwave, a description of phase combined HPA systems.

Article: Amplifier Selection for Satellite Uplinks

Article: CPI LifeExtender™ Technology

Article: Don't Be Misled --- SuperLinear® HPAs are the Best
Compares SuperLinear® TWTAs to traditional TWTAs and SSPAs.

Article: LifeExtender/LifePredictor in SatNews

Article: M&C Systems Grow Up
Printed in Base Station/Earth Station, March/April 2003. An overview of Ethernet Interface.

Discontinuation Notice: CHPA 750 W

Event Invitation: Sat 2011 Complimentary Guest Pass

Media Advisory: 500 W X-Band TWTA Outperforms SSPA
500W SuperLinear X-Band ODU provides more linear power using less prime power versus comparable SSPAs. It is almost 3x more efficient.

Media Advisory: CPI Introduces 1.25 kW DBS-Band ODU

Media Advisory: CPI Introduces 100 W C-band GaN BUC

Media Advisory: CPI Introduces 20 W Ku-band miniBUC

Media Advisory: CPI Introduces 750 W Ku-band SL ODU

Media Advisory: CPI Introduces 80 W Ku-Band GaN BUC at Satellite 2014

Media Advisory: CPI Introduces LifeExtender™ Technology

Media Advisory: CPI Introduces Multi-band BUCs
CPI Introduces multi-band BUC capability in its Ka- and Ku-band BUCs at Satellite 2014

Media Advisory: CPI Introduces TouchPower™ 750 W TWTAs

Media Advisory: CPI Receives Order From Al-Rashed Group to Support Kuwait MOI

Media Advisory: CPI Satcom Wins $2 million MilSatcom Contract for 500 W Ka-band ODUs

Media Advisory: CPI Wins Contract for 500 W CW Ka-band HPAs

Media Advisory: CPI Wins Contract for KPAs and TWTAs

Media Advisory: CPI Wins Contract for KPAs for DTH Applications 4-17-2016

Media Advisory: CPI wins DTH Contract for 1.25 kW TWTAs

Media Advisory: CPI Wins North America DTH Contract for TouchPower HPAs

Media Advisory: Full Complement of High Power SuperLinear® on Display at Sat 09
SuperLinear® HPAs are the most efficient amplifiers in the industry. CPI now offers a full complement of C-, X- and Ku-band versions.

Media Advisory: Improvements in TWTA Efficiency (03/10)
Despite recent claims that some SSPAs have become as efficient as TWTAs, improvements in tube technology over time have kept CPI TWTAs at the head of the pack.

Media Advistory: CPI Introduces 700 W Ka-band ODU C07KO

Media Advistory: MCL is Alive, Well and Moving to Lisle, IL
MCL's new address is:
1938 University Lane, Unit C
Lisle, IL 60532 USA

The phone number remains +1 (630) 759-9500

Media Statement: CPI Satcom Heartbleed Bug Statement

Mobile App Announcement

Product Comparison: TL04UO vs. 400 W Ku-band GaN-based SSPA

Product Comparison: TL05XO vs. 500 W X-band GaAs-based SSPA

Product Comparison: TL07CO vs. 1000 W C-band GaN 1:1 system

Product Comparison: TL07CO vs. 600 W C-band GaN-based SSPA

Product Comparison: TL07UO vs. 500 W Ku-band GaAs-based SSPA

Product Comparison: TL12UO vs. 1.25 kW Ku-band GaN-based SSPA

Product Comparison: TL22CI vs. 1500 W C-band GaAs-based SSPA

Product Comparison: VZU6997V*L vs. 800 W Ku-band GaAs-based SSPA

SuperLinear® HPAs: Frequently asked questions

SuperLinear® HPAs: The Latest Advancement in Amplifier Technology (02/08)
CPI’s SuperLinear® Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs) are designed for optimal operation at backoff power levels that are required in order to meet traditional international intermodulation specifications. This has resulted in a line of HPAs that is smaller, lighter and runs cooler than competing products.

Support: Return Product Request Fax Form

Technical Data: 1 RU Remote Control Panel

Technical Data: 1 RU Switch Control Panel

Technical Data: 1.25 kW Ku-band SuperLinear TWTA vs. GaN

Technical Data: 3RU TouchPower Touch Panel Controller

Technical Data: 6500/7500 Series SS BUC Accessories (fmly Codan)

Technical Data: AC to DC Power Supply for SSPBs

Technical Data: Block Up Converter

Technical Data: BUC Catalog
BUC Catalog for Commercial Applications

Technical Data: BUC Power Supplies (fmrly Codan)

Technical Data: High Voltage Test Set

Technical Data: Klystron Test Set

Technical Data: MCL to CPI Product Conversion Chart
Enables the user to cross reference between similar MCL and CPI amplifiers.

Technical Data: Mini BUC Accessories (fmly Codan)

Technical Data: Redundancy Switching Systems for fmrly Codan BUCs

Klystron HPAs

A GEN IV ROI Analysis

Millimeter Wave HPAs

Application Note: HPA High Order Modulation Response