When was CPI incorporated?
CPI International, Inc. was incorporated in November 2003 in Delaware under the name CPI Acquisition Corp. and was wholly owned at that time by a private equity firm. In January 2004, CPI Acquisition Corp. acquired the business of Communications & Power Industries Holding Corporation and later changed its name to CPI Holdco, Inc. In January 2006, CPI Holdco, Inc. changed its name to CPI International, Inc. CPI International, Inc. is the parent company of Communications & Power Industries LLC.

When was CPI founded?
In 1948, Russell and Sigurd Varian founded Varian Associates, Inc. and introduced the klystron as its first commercial product. Their first products became the progenitors of Communications & Power Industries' current product lines. Over time, Varian Associates developed new devices and uses for its products, including applications for the radar, electronic warfare, communications, medical, industrial and scientific markets. In 1995, a private equity firm, together with members of management, purchased the electron devices business from Varian Associates and formed Communications & Power Industries.

What does CPI do?
Communications & Power Industries LLC is a leading provider of microwave and radio frequency products for critical defense, communications, medical, scientific and other applications. CPI develops, manufactures and distributes products used to generate, amplify, transmit and receive high-power/high-frequency microwave and radio frequency signals and/or provide power and control for various applications. End-use applications of these systems include the transmission of radar signals for navigation and location; transmission of deception signals for electronic countermeasures; transmission and amplification of voice, data and video signals for broadcasting, Internet and other types of commercial and military communications; providing power and control for medical diagnostic imaging; generating microwave energy for radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer and for various industrial and scientific applications.

Who are CPI's customers?
CPI sells its products to both government and commercial customers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users, and its products are sold in more than 85 countries, primarily through an internal sales force and, in certain circumstances, through external sales forces and distributors. Communications & Power Industries' products are used in several industries and end markets, including the radar, electronic warfare, communications, medical, industrial and scientific markets.

What are CPI's products?
CPI has an extensive portfolio of more than 4,500 products that includes a wide range of microwave and power grid vacuum electron devices (VEDs), solid state devices and products such as satellite communications amplifier subsystems; radar and electronic warfare subsystems and integrated microwave assemblies; medical x-ray generators, control and display systems; modulators and transmitters; as well as various electronic power supply and control subsystems. Additionally, Communications & Power Industries has developed complementary, more highly-integrated subsystems that contain additional integrated components for medical imaging and satellite communications applications. Typically, CPI's products are used to generate or amplify various forms of electromagnetic energy; direct, measure and control electromagnetic energy; and/or provide and control the voltages and currents that power devices which generate electromagnetic energy.

Where are CPI's headquarters?
CPI is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif. CPI has manufacturing facilities in Palo Alto, Calif.; Woodland, Calif.; Camarillo, Calif.; Beverly, Mass.; and Georgetown, Ontario, Canada; and sales and service centers in more than 40 locations worldwide.

Who are the members of CPI's senior management?
For a listing of CPI’s management, click here.

How many employees does CPI have?
As of October 1, 2010, CPI had approximately 1,600 employees.

Who owns CPI?
In February 2011, an affiliate of Veritas Capital, a private equity investment firm which invests in companies that provide critical products and services to governments worldwide, acquired CPI.

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