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Welcome to CPI Power Electronics: Amplifier Products' extended interaction klystron (EIK) product page. Here you will find listings of performance by model number, with sort capability, to help you select the appropriate EIK for your application. If you do not see an EIK which meets your needs please e-mail sales or at CANMarketing@cpii.com.
CPI is a recognized world leader in the design and production of oscillators and amplifiers operating at millimeter-wave frequencies (25 GHz to 700 GHz). CPI Power Electronics (PE) extended interaction klystron (EIK) technology provides a compact and rugged platform for oscillators and amplifiers generating tens to thousands of watts of RF power, over bandwidths up to 2%.
CPI PE has an extensive catalogue of existing pulsed and CW oscillators and amplifiers. CPI PE's true strength, however, lies in the company's ability to rapidly respond to new product requests. Whether you require production-run quantities or a single prototype, CPI PE is pleased to respond to new performance needs. CPI PE's team of design engineers, assemblers and test technicians is dedicated to new product development and production. The company offers a fast, flexible factory with a strong customer focus.
Applications for CPI's millimeter wave technology (mmW or mm wave technology) include millimeter wave radar, such as Cloud Profiling Radar (CPR) and cloud cover radar or airport runway foreign object detection. 263 GHz CW oscillators are used for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) whereas 263 GHz pulsed amplifiers are used for Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) or Electron Spin Resonance (ESR). Terahertz imaging often requires THz illuminators to increase signal to noise. There are an infinite number of applications for CPI's millimeter wave amplifiers and oscillators – talk to CPI PE about your application needs.
If you require beyond-state-of-the-art, contact CPI Power Electronics!