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CPI Antenna Technologies provides a wide range of specialty antenna systems to meet your application requirements

Malibu Specialty Antennas

Malibu High Power Microwave antenna on truck
CPI Antenna Technologies has a deep portfolio of baseline configurations developed over the decades. Meeting varying requirements for a multitude of applications, CPI is known for its versatility, agility and partnering with its customers to design and engineer a solution specific to their customers needs. Whether a pedestal or complete system, CPI is ready to discuss your application, sharing its expertise.

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Orbital Systems Specialty Antennas

3.0m ka ku Dual Radar Trailer Mounted Greenbelt MD NASA OS
CPI Antenna Technologies' Orbital Systems operations provide custom manufacturing services for ground-station antenna systems. Working closely with each customer, the Orbital Systems operations will engineer a ground-station solution for your particular application, leveraging the strength and depth of CPI's antenna product portfolio to meet your individual requirements.
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