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CPI SAT Orbital Systems Operations Antenna Positioners and Satellite Tracking Antenna Systems

CPI SAT Orbital Systems operations' antenna positioners are smartly designed and ruggedly built to withstand the most extreme environments. CPI SAT's antenna positioners and satellite tracking antenna systems are powerful, fast, high precision instruments suitable for Ka-, Ku-, X-, S-, and L-Band tracking applications. These elevation-over-azimuth positioners are offered in sizes 1.8 meters through 7.3 meters and provide accuracy, flexible operation and reliability that is unsurpassed in the industry. Standard equipment includes: feed mounting poles, an antenna tracking controller unit and a complete maintenance tool kit with every antenna system. Standard options support AC or DC power and 100BASE-T Ethernet, with optional fiber available. CPI SAT offers multiple reflector size choices in diameters ranging from 1.5 meters through 7.3 meters, along with flexible single and multi-band RF options. CPI SAT products are designed and built to meet the high performance and accuracy requirements of all demanding Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite tracking ground station solutions, Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C), Earth Observation Satellite (EOS), Direct Broadcast (DB), radar, Search and Rescue Satellite (SARSAT), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Remotely Piloted Vehicles Tracking (UAV/RPV), trailer mounted, and other custom tracking applications. The entire system is sealed and pressurized with dehydrated air or nitrogen gas to prevent corrosion of the controller, electromechanical parts and the feed. This also eliminates internal rust problems such as failing brakes and weakened gears. Temperature and humidity sensors are monitored by the ACU, which automatically purges the system when needed with fresh, dry air or nitrogen. By eliminating condensing humidity, the reliability of the system is greatly increased. If pressurization fails, the antenna still runs. Other features include:
  • CPI SAT Orbital Systems operations' designs use servomotors and four-quadrant drives that minimize power consumption while providing full torque at near zero velocity
  • Elevation over Azimuth fully counterbalanced systems draw little power while tracking unless subject to significant wind load
  • Integrated mechanical system components, with IP65-rated brushless motors and internal brakes, matching motor drives tied to generously overrated heavy-duty gears
  • Gears and drives automatically heat as needed for full performance to -40°C
  • Gears are enclosed in a cast housing to further protect gear lubricants from dust and moisture for maximum longevity
  • Tracking uses built-in precision GPS timing and location reference
  • Positioners are controlled over Ethernet or Fiber to simplify interfacing to control computer systems. Using the simple control interface TLE ephemeris is stored for each satellite and the antenna tracks on command by simply naming the satellite
  • No indoor rack space needed, as the controller is located in electrical cabinet at base of positioner
  • High speed azimuth axis allows reliable tracking of satellites with no keyhole effect
  • All structural metal is made from aluminum with stainless steel fasteners to eliminate rust
  • Exposed surfaces are powder coated or hard anodized to maintain an excellent finish appearance for many years to come

CPI SAT Malibu Operations Telemetry Antenna Pedestals

[rimage=268][/limage]CPI SAT's Malibu operations provides telemetry antenna for ground-based, transportable, mobile or shipboard (gyro stabilized) applications. High output torque with low backlash is accomplished with the use of two-stage reduction gearboxes and brushless DC motors. The rugged gearboxes use built-in angular ball bearing construction, which improves the ability to support external loads, increases moment rigidity and increases maximum allowable moment, resulting in increased reliability and a reduction in maintenance. The use of roller bearings throughout the gearbox yields low backlash (less than 1 arcmin). For added reliability, pedestals are designed with servo amplifiers that have protection for over-current, voltage and temperature. O-ring seals on all panels allow for positive air pressurization of the pedestal. Advanced engineering, superior materials and in-house manufacturing make CPI SAT positioners intrinsically more robust and maintenance-free.

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