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CPI Antenna Technologies is a multinational manufacturer of high-performance, highly engineered antenna systems used for critical satellite communications, telemetry, tracking and control (TT&C), general telemetry, earth observation (EO), radar, electronic warfare, search and rescue and other specialty applications.
Offering advanced antenna systems for land, air and sea, with a full range of solutions and capabilities to meet any military requirement, and its Orbital Systems operations design and manufacture antenna systems that meet the high performance, accuracy, and high reliability needs of demanding satellite tracking applications and mission-critical uplink and downlink applications.
Customers include international broadcasters, Fortune 500 companies, satellite and launch operators, telecommunications carriers, ground network service providers, earth observation research and meteorological data providers, and military and government organizations.

OS 5.0m Telemetry SS Band Libreville Gabon
The ground station satellite tracking products offered by CPI Antenna Technologies, Orbital Systems operations are engineered to be intrinsically reliable and low-maintenance, with components designed and engineered to work together to provide highly reliable, safe and accurate performance over a long lifecycle, while withstanding severe environmental conditions. Virtually no maintenance required for 10 years. Orbital's elevation-over-azimuth two- and three-axis antenna positioners, and complete turn-key satellite tracking antenna systems are powerful, fast, high precision instruments suitable for operation at Ka-, Ku-, X-, S-, and L- band tracking applications, with flexible single, multi-channel or custom RF uplink and downlink options available. Systems range from 1.5 meters through 7.3 meters, designed to deliver dependable performance and ruggedly built to withstand the most extreme environments. Products designed and built to meet the high performance and accuracy requirements of all demanding Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite tracking ground station solutions, such as satellite control Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C), Earth Observation Satellites (EOS) and Direct Broadcast (DB) reception with ingest to produce level 0 data files, Search and Rescue (SARSAT) reception, RADAR and camera tracking, UAV/RPV tracking, and tracking positioners used for custom or speciality applications, and GEOScience reception tracking for Landsat, Worldview, Radarsat, Sentinel, Spot, and SAR satellites. Fast and easy installation typically completed in 3 or 4 days. For additional information on Orbital Systems telemetry products visit the Orbital website at