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Common Data Links (LOS): Land, Air and Sea

Malibu UAV Drone CDL
CPI Antenna Technologies, Malibu operations provide advanced antenna systems for defense applications on land, sea and air.
Over it’s +40 year history, CPI Antenna Technologies, Malibu operations has evolved from a predominantly R&D based RF study and design house, to a design and manufacturer of Line-of-Sight (LOS) data link antenna systems in L thru Ku band frequencies. Complementing it’s telemetry products that support flight and missile test sites worldwide, Malibu has become a leading supplier of auto-tracking directional LOS antenna systems. These systems support the ubiquitous UAV market, for the U.S. and it’s allies’ warfighters, on/with the most renown platforms. Supporting both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, MALE/HALE and manned aircraft, Malibu’s high-precision pedestals and directional antennas provide critical accuracy, when range is a “must-have” component for military CONOPS. Designed, integrated and tested to MIL standards, Malibu has a wide portfolio of baseline designs to meet a range of requirements in a timely and cost effective method.
From design-to-prototype-to-production, CPI Antenna Technologies, Malibu operations offer a full range of solutions and capabilities for the mission-critical requirements of government and military customers.
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Ground Data Terminals

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