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Preconfigured Modular Solutions

gateway terminal antenna (sat)R1Modular Terminal Header SAT R2

CPI Antenna Technologies new Modular Terminals are the solution to the Satcom service provider’s search for cost effective, quick delivery, ground segment equipment across the application spectrum. Designed and built by CPI Antenna Technologies the leading global supplier of satellite ground station products and systems, the Modular Terminals provide reliable connectivity at an affordable price.


  • Complete out of the box satcom Gateway and User terminals
  • One stop shop for fully engineered, cost effective, and fast delivery solutions
  • Guaranteed system level performance with unmatched reliability
  • Ideally suited for data, video and voice applications
  • 5-year comprehensive terminal warranty
  • Compliant with FCC, ITU 580, Intelsat, Eutelsat, AsiaSat, CE, RoHS, and REACH


  • Redundant RF equipment
  • G/T choices in a range of terminal apertures
  • Increased EIRP capabilities to fit requirements
  • Dual Polarization operation
  • Extended IFL
  • Antenna Control System
  • Antenna Deice Subsystem