Satcom & Antenna Technologies Division

VSAT Antennas - Portable

Deployable Antennas & Terminals for Emergency Medical Response

The need to quickly deploy and establish reliable communications during a medical emergency is more important than ever. Emergency medical response teams need to be able to rapidly deploy, and re-deploy communication systems without having to rely on terrestrial equipment and systems. Having a reliable connection is vital to coordinating logistics and key resources and supporting telemedicine to permit two-way, real-time interactive communication between the patient, and the physician or practitioner at remote sites.

Since satellite networks are not dependent on terrestrial infrastructure, they can be quickly deployed to establish immediate and critical access to wireless communications anytime, anywhere. CPI SAT offers a complete range of antennas in a wide range of sizes and configurations, that can be quickly deployed to provide high bandwidth connectivity for any application. The antennas are lightweight, compact and easy to setup and transport. They are ruggedized and weatherproof to withstand harsh outdoor environments.