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The CPI Antenna Technologies' lightweight 1.25-meter mobile antenna is a compact design for worldwide transmit and receive operation in Ku-band. This transportable antenna consists of a single-piece carbon fiber composite reflector mounted on a cable drive elevation-over-azimuth positioner. This results in a low-weight antenna with superior stiffness and high performance under wind loading conditions.
Model Number Frequency Bands
Ka, Ku, X
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The state-of-the-art design provides exceptionally low sidelobe and cross-polarization performance, well within INTELSAT and EUTELSAT requirements. The complete antenna system can be interfaced with most lightweight vehicle structures for the purpose of mobile SNG applications.
  • Aluminum/Carbon fiber construction
  • Light weight
  • Precise surface
  • High stiffness
  • Robust design for vehicle mounting

  • High performance
  • Low sidelobes, high E.I.R.P. capability
  • Compliant under operational wind conditions

  • Stow/deployment
  • Low profile
  • Stow position on vehicle
  • Precision alignment

  • INTELSAT and EUTELSAT compliant