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1.2m Tactical Flyaway Terminal imageMission Ready Connectivity tag line

CPI’s new 1.2m Tactical Flyaway Terminal was conceived as an affordable solution to support prime satellite connectivity without compromising the features, components and quality of high-end flyaway terminal models.
Designed for worldwide transmit and receive across Ku-, Ka- and X-bands, and with its auto-acquire control system, it is a versatile solution for global communications. Its design allows for swift deployment in scenarios where time-sensitive connectivity can save lives.
The terminal is characterized by its resilient construction. Its lightweight and compact design enhances portability and enables swift deployment. Its auto-acquire control system contributes to its suitability in dynamic scenarios. This comprehensive package of features positions it as an efficient and versatile flyaway terminal that meets the demands of users across a spectrum of industries and applications.
Model Number Frequency Bands Manual/Motorized
C, X, Ku, Ka Manual
C, X, Ku, Ka Manual
X, Ku, Ka Motorized
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