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VSAT Mobile C240 FA(SAT)VSAT Mobile & Flyaway Header(SAT)

CPI Antenna Technologies is pleased to introduce its new family of Tactical Antenna terminals. These terminals are available in both motorized and manual options, as well as a variety of reflector sizes and configurations. They are lightweight, compact, rugged, easy-to-use and setup anytime, anywhere


The unique shape and the accurate reflector surface provide exceptionally low sidelobe and cross-polarization performance well within INTELSAT and EUTELSAT requirements.

Repeatability is maintained with precision registration of the nine reflector segments and the feed support structure. The complete antenna system, including a single feed, is packaged in nine robust portable cases.
  • Carbon fiber reflector: Lightweight, precision surface and high stiffness
  • Easy deployment: Two-person assembly, captive hardware, precision alignment
  • High performance: Low sidelobes and high E.I.R.P. capability