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CPI Antenna Technologies specializes in providing a wide range of high quality, cost-effective Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) products including fixed terminals, transportable and commercial grade antennas, and customizable specialty products. Available in offset or axisymmetric designs, CPI Antenna Technologies' VSAT antennas come in a variety of different feeds and sizes to fit your application. CPI Antenna Technologies' VSAT offset, fixed antennas are available in C-, X-, Ku-, DBS- and Ka-Bands for RxTx networks. CPI Antenna Technologies' axisymmetric commercial quality RxO antennas are available in C- and Ku-Bands.

Quickly Re-Establish Communications in the Wake of a Disaster

In the aftermath of a natural disaster establishing reliable communications is critical. CPI Antenna Technologies offers a wide range of manual and automated antennas and terminals ideally suited to quickly restore communications in the wake of a natural disaster.

Multiple Sizes to Fit Your Application

CPI Antenna Technologies' VSAT antennas are available in a variety of sizes in both offset or axisymmetric design to fit your application.

Special Products Customized to Fit Your Needs

In addition to standard VSAT products, CPI Antenna Technologies can also provide special customized products such as high wind antennas, motorized fixed antennas, custom feeds, installation mounts and anti-icing.