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High-Precision Large Steel Structure Fabrication

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Aircraft Radar Cross Section (RCS) Testing Facilities

Among CPI SAT's team's precision-weld accomplishments are a number of critical Aircraft Rotator Systems (ARS) and Aircraft Radar Cross Section (RCS), designed to support military aircraft during radar measurement testing. These systems turn and position the aircraft during testing while remaining invisible to radar signals. They also have motion purity which allows real-time position feedback and reduces environmental effects to enable longer testing windows. CPI SAT has completed a number of these systems for both government and commercial customers in the United States, Asia and Europe.
  • Precision aircraft rotator systems used by Radar Cross Section (RCS) testing facilities worldwide
  • Raises and accurately positions the aircraft to perform RCS measurements
  • Motion purity allows real-time position feedback of the test article
  • Reduces environmental effects to enable longer testing windows
  • Upgradable for existing indoor and outdoor systems and customizable to fit any application
Leveraging more than 40 years of proven expertise designing very large, complex structures, CPI SAT's systems are designed to meet the most exacting specifications and highest precision assembly, in some cases up to sub-arc second accuracy. This technology enables CPI SAT to customize systems and upgrade existing RCS facilities and to reduce environmental effects to enable longer testing windows, as well provide finer control of the test article. CPI SAT's systems are currently in operation at RCS test facilities worldwide with additional facilities currently under development.