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3.5m Svalbard Telemetry Antennas Malibu
The ground station satellite tracking products offered by CPI Antenna Technologies, Malibu operations, have been designed utilizing an X-Y configuration that eliminates any key-hole effect. Tracking rapidly traversing Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites requires high precision tracking capabilities, ensuring continuous connectivity from satellite-to-satellite. Our systems provide two tracking alternatives; conical scanning (conscan) tracking technology and step-track. Conscan, utilizes a rotating feed, scanning the RF beam, forming a high gain cone with an outside diameter of the half-power point. The axis of the cone coincides with the mechanical axis of the parabolic reflector. Step-tracking rotates the antenna around the main beam while mechanically adjusting the antennas position via software. Our software resides within our embedded PC-104 based antenna control unit (ACU), providing ethernet connectivity and five (5) modes of operations; Standby, Manual, Track/Acquire, Search and Slave. Malibu’s TT&C products range from ~1 to 7 meters and engineered to support L- thru Ka- band.