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Military-grade communications. Anytime, anywhere.

AESA terninal on a tripod facing frontAESA terminal on tripod rear facingAESA Modem Module Unit (MMU) not mounted to terminal

In the dynamic realm of modern warfare and strategic communications, possessing a military-grade family of tactical flyaway terminals (FoT) is paramount.

At the forefront of this military-grade product line is the AESA antenna, designed for highly dynamic/evolving scenarios. Tailored for highly portable communications requirements across LEO, MEO and GEO-HTS networks, this antenna features Active Electronically Steerable Array (AESA) technology.

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Mission-ready connectivity

1.2m Tactical Flyaway on tripod facing front1.2m Tactical Flyaway on tripod facing rearTransparent image place holder

CPI’s 1.2m tactical flyaway terminal was conceived as an affordable solution to support prime satellite connectivity without compromising the features, components and quality of high-end flyaway terminal models.

Designed for worldwide transmit and receive across Ku-, Ka- and X-bands, and with its auto-acquire control system, it is a versatile solution for global communications. Its intelligent design allows for swift deployment in scenarios where time-sensitive connectivity can save lives.

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for modern LEO/MEO satellite constellations

LEO/MEO Gateway terminal facing frontLEO/MEO Gateway terminal facing rearTransparent image place holder

Engineered for peak performance at Ka- and Q/V-band frequencies, CPI’s new gateway terminals are custom-made to meet the high-volume demands of modern LEO and MEO satellite constellations.

Their intelligent design, which combines highly integrated CPI RF electronics and a software-guided commissioning and calibration routine, support their swift setup and operation, delivering an exceptional user experience.

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Transcending frontiers

Transparent image place holderGaNLink SSPB with Digital InterfaceTransparent image place holder

GaNLink SSPBs with digital interface offer multiple benefits, including secure links to the equipment, improved signal quality regardless of where equipment is located, seamless integration capabilities with latest software-defined modems.

These units also result in significant cost-savings by reducing coaxial/waveguide IF connections.

All these benefits increase the adaptability of ground station layouts, ensuring operators are able to meet their signal transmission and reception objectives.

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