Radant Lens

CPI Radant's comprehensive engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities allow it to support various antenna development and production programs. For applications requiring electronic scanning, CPI Radant can offer a lower cost and lighter weight approach than conventional discrete element phased array technology. The Radant lens is a novel, low cost approach for electronic scanning in one or two planes. The lens eliminates features that force up the cost and transmission loss of electronically scanned arrays such as connectors, transmission lines and packaging, as well as reducing control circuitry, drivers and connecting leads. This product can easily be added to an existing antenna to provide scanning capability without requiring significant modification of the host antenna. Scanning systems can also be provided for new applications.

Product Features
  • High-performance (low loss and sidelobe level)
  • Low-cost (order of magnitude lower than conventional phased array)
  • Lightweight
  • Low prime power consumption
  • Inherently simple architecture and control circuitry
  • High reliability

From left: Large Version of Radant Lens in Testing, Small Version of Radant Lens in Testing