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CPI is a major supplier of microwave and millimeter-wave components and subsystems which generate and control radio frequency (RF) power in radar systems and radar-based sensors. CPI's products may be found in military and commercial systems all over the world and in outer space.

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Electronic Warfare

CPI products amplify incoming signals from enemy radar or communications systems to enable the electronic warfare system to deceive or disable the threat, protecting ground installations, ships and aircraft against radar-guided weapons. CPI has installed thousands of products for high-power phased array systems and expendable decoys. New initiatives for high-power microwave applications, such as counter-IED and personnel deterrent systems using CPI's products, are currently in field trials.
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CPI provides microwave amplifiers for video, voice and data transmission via satellite, terrestrial broadcast and over-the-horizon communications applications. Historically, CPI has built its technology and market leadership in commercial applications, such as direct-to-home and high-definition television services, and it is leveraging these strengths to expand its focus to include military communications applications.
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CPI designs and manufactures high-quality products for both the diagnostic and treatment sectors of the worldwide medical X-ray market. Within the diagnostic market the company is the largest independent supplier of radiographic and fluoroscopic X-ray generators, including state-of-the-art, high-frequency output power supplies; integrated system controls and digital imaging systems for medical diagnostic equipment. Click here to learn more about CPI's medical imaging products.

CPI provides linear electron accelerator klystrons that are used as a source of hard X-rays in the world’s leading brands of medical radiation therapy systems for cancer treatment, for sterilization of medical instruments, for sterilization of medical waste and high-energy industrial X-ray applications.

CPI also manufactures power grid devices that are used in high-power, pulsed radio frequency amplifiers used in MRI systems to provide high-resolution diagnostic imagery in clinics and hospitals throughout the world. These devices are also used for high-voltage switching of CT scanners in the medical market.
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CPI produces a number of radio frequency (RF) and microwave devices for a wide range of industrial applications, from plastic auto sleeves and automobile axles to plywood and semiconductor manufacturing. CPI products are also used for EMI/EMC Testing, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Plasma Processing and chemical manufacturing.
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CPI products are used to generate high levels of microwave or radio frequency energy for equipment and accelerators used in the study of high-energy particle physics.
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