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Radiographic & Fluoroscopic Generators

CPI SMP is the world’s premier supplier of high-quality radiographic and fluoroscopic X-ray generators, providing output power levels from 22 kW to 100 kW at up to 400 kHz output frequency.

The Indico IQ® generator series is the next generation in CPI CMP's R&F products offering a range of advanced features, controls, interfaces and sophistication, reducing dose and improving image quality, for a wide variety of radiographic and fluoroscopic applications.

The Indico IQ® SP generator series is a premium R&F product for use in special procedures including interventional, cardiovascular, angiographic and hybrid applications, with state-of-the-art controls, interfaces, dose management, and duty cycle.

To learn more about this product or to order, please call CPI CMP at +1 (888) CPI-XRAY (or +1 (888) 274-9729) in the U.S. and Canada, or +1 (905) 877-0161 worldwide, or contact the local CPI CMP sales representative.