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The CMP 150™ generator series offers high quality radiographic capabilities delivering ample output power and extended mAs operation with unmatched performance and reliability, powered by a standard wall receptacle of any country. This generator caters to value DR applications such as chest screening, chiropractic care, basic radiographic systems in emerging markets, and veterinary practices across the world.


•   DR ready
•   Output peak power level of 32 kW
•   Output voltage of 125 kV
•   Energy Assist capacitor storage
•   Active Power Factor Correction
•   Small footprint, compact enclosure, lightweight
•   Constant dose output with kV and mA regulation during exposures
•   User-friendly controls and configuration
•   Large LCD panel for APR and technique display
•   Programmed for APR operation with manual override of technical factors
•   Extensive self-diagnostics with operator messages
•   mAs selections according to IEC standards


•   Additional Capacitor Storage
•   Advanced Capacitive Discharge
•   Digital Interfaces
•   Exposure Hand Switch
•   Foot Switch (Vet)
•   Membrane Control Console
•   Mini-Control Console

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CMP 150
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