Composite Structures

Composite Reflectors and Accessories

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CPI Composite Structures' comprehensive engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities allow it to support various antenna development and production programs. Its composite reflector antennas provide a lightweight, temperature stable and rugged solution to antenna problems. Reflectors can be provided in one piece up to nearly 10 feet in diameter. Portable units can also be provided that are extremely lightweight and can be disassembled into sections for compact storage. CPI Composite Structures can design and fabricate custom antennas for specialized applications. CPI Composite Structures can also help with solutions to microwave signature problems with antenna installations.
Antenna Types:
  • Composite Reflectors (conventional and lightweight / portable units)
  • Frequency- Selective Reflectors and Surfaces
  • Microstrip Antennas, Patch Arrays
  • Polarizers (fixed and variable)
  • Low-Observable Treatments