Radant Technologies Division


CPI Radant specializes in development of radomes for a wide range of applications, with sizes ranging from two inches to up to 15 feet in diameter. Designs depend on the specific system application and take into account parameters such as operational frequency, RF performance needs, structural and environmental requirements, and affordability.

For a radome less than 10 feet in diameter, typically a one-piece, free-standing design can be implemented that maintains lower system sidelobes and losses than a frame-supported design, with better structural integrity.

For system frequencies in the microwave band or above, fabrication tolerances become critical to the RF performance of the radome. CPI Radant's autoclave molding capabilities ensure much tighter wall tolerances than can be obtained with other methods, providing better radome performance. CPI Radant can provide RF, environmental and structural testing support for any government or commercial program.

Radome Types:
  • Narrowband, Broadband and Multiband Radome
  • Solid-wall and Sandwich Construction (Low or High-fineness ratio) Radome
  • Fluted-core Radome
  • Low-observable Radome
  • Frequency-selective Radome