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Ground-based Radomes - ESSCO

For over 50 years CPI Composite Structures, ESSCO Operations ground-based radomes have protected satellite communications antennas, military and commercial radars, telemetry systems and other antennas from the worst the environment has to offer, such as 200 mph (322 kph) winds, solar loading, ice and snow. CPI ground-based radomes range in size from 6 ft. (1.8m) to 200 ft. (61m) in diameter.

Ground-based radomes are categorized into the following groups:
Metal Space Frame Applications
  • Military and commercial satcom
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Radio astronomy
  • Weather radar
  • 2D surveillance radar
Sandwich Applications
  • 3D radar (military and commercial satcom)
  • Air traffic control
  • Weather radar
  • Phased array radar
  • Secondary surveillance radar
Solid Laminate Applications
  • Communication and weather radar
  • Commercial satcom
  • EMI test facilities
  • Low-frequency applications
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