Radant Technologies Division

Shipboard Radomes

Communications & Power Industries shipboard and submarine radomes customized for your application. With a history of producing high quality products for customer solutions, we can help you with designing and supplying your radome.

    • Q (EHF), X, Ku, and Ka-Bands
    • Environmentally resistant radomes
    • Temperature, humidity, rain erosion, hail, fungus
    • Rugged for naval military environment
    • Up to 14 ft (4.25 meter), no seams, no assembly, better RF
    • High reliability & high performance
    • In-house radome RF modeling - highly correlated with actual radome performance
    • In-house RF test range
    • Dual purpose for ground radome applications
    • Satellite communications (satcom)
    • Radar (sea, surface surveillance)
Please contact CPI Radant directly for your specific radome requirements.
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