Radant Technologies Division

Commercial Airborne Radomes

Communications & Power Industries commercial satcom radomes customized for your application. With a history of producing high quality products for customer solutions, we can help you with designing and supplying your radome.

    * Ka, KuKa, Ku-Band
    • Class leading transmissivity with low cross-polarization
    • Wide range of incidence angles
    • For gimballed or flush mount antennas
    • Bird strike resistant, damage tolerant designs
    • Dorsal and tail mount
    • Environmentally resistant radomes: lightning, hail, rain erosion
    • Skirt Fairings available to complete OAE structure
    • Approved FAA materials database
    • Custom RF wall design to meet stringent RF requirements
    • Tooling design and manufacturing expertise for complex radome geometry
    • In-house radome RF modeling: high correlation with actual system performance
    • In-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC)
    • Major domestic and international airlines and Airframes (Boeing and Airbus)
    • Business jets
    • Linefit and retrofit applications
    • FAA and EASA certification
Please contact CPI Radant directly for your specific radome requirements.
Tel: +1 (978) 562-3866 or +1 (978) 562-6277